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The Voices and Ideas of our student's can serve to help School Educators learn what initiatives work for kids.  In the state of Massachusetts the DESE endorses student representation on policy and change reform.  This educational model is considered to be progressive and effective in helping to motivate learners.

Students can help teach Educators what works for them.  I invite all Middle School Students to share an idea or opinion that may help to improve school cultures here in the USA.  As an Educator and Child Advocate I believe that student's aspire to be successful learners.  I want to hear the voices of middles school learners so that I can begin to collaborate with educators in an attempt to promote the visions from the student perspectives. 

encourage all educators and school administrators to join in a mission to begin to promote the inclusion of the student perspective for consideration in all future educational policy and reform.  

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What do educators have to say about

embracing the voice of students in their classrooms?

Douglas Tomas
12/27/2012 17:45:33

I like this idea and have been using this method of engaging my junior high students with success. I am fortunate to have the support of other educators in my school. The kids really knock out some awesome ideas.

Pamela Levy
12/27/2012 18:01:31

I have recently implemented a school student council in my school where the students meet after school once a week. The purpose of the council is to let students review school policy and make suggested revisions to the administrators. I never thought of having the students interact on a student council blog. Thanks for this idea as it will help us a lot . Pam

Tania Yankowitz
12/30/2012 19:27:36

I am unable to comprehend why american education seems to fall short here. The research supports this method of emotional and psychological empowerment of students and teachers. USA is ranked a mere 17 in best education. We have beeb lagging behind for years. Policy makers continue to ignore this. American students loose out.


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